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Policies and procedures: 

Thank you for choosing Created By Luv Design Studio! We look forward to working on your project, but first we need you to read the following policies and procedures and sign off. Thanks!

Hours of operation:

Monday - Friday : 8am-7pm 

Weekends : Closed

Holidays : Closed


Created By Luv creates designs, and makes every possible effort to ensure designs are original and clearly, legally distinct. If a design unintentionally infringes on existing trademarks, Created By Luv liability is limited to free revision of the design to make it legally distinct, or the provision of a paid new design, as negotiated with the Client. Created By Luv agrees to create original work for the client, free of plagiarism.

The Client unconditionally guarantees that any design element – text or graphic – provided to Created By Luv for inclusion in the design does not violate any copyright or trademark laws. Created By Luv  will not be held responsible for any legal action that may result from improper due diligence on the availability of a name, phrase or image. The Client will hold harmless and protect Created By Luv from any claim arising from the use of content furnished by the Client.

Created By Luv will embed our link at the bottom of completed and purchased website designs, for promotional reasons. The link will and must be no smaller than 10pt & must be visible for viewers to see. The Created By Luv  link should not be removed unless our work is no longer presented on your website. If we discover our link is no longer present, but our work still is, you will be charged a fee and sent an invoice for removal, if invoice is not paid legal actions will follow suit. 

Proofs and prints:

Please read over your proof carefully to avoid any errors (spelling, wrong contact information, etc) on print items. We will not send anything to print without an emailed or signed approval to a proof. Your email/signature releases Created By Luv from all responsibility for errors and omissions on a print item. If the item has already been sent to print, Created By Luv cannot stop production. If you need to have an item reprinted because of an error, we will be happy to do that, but you will be charged the full print cost for the second print, as your proof approval signifies release to print.


Both parties understand that Client or Designer may terminate the service at any time if, for any reason, the relationship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party. If the project is terminated before services has been fully fulfilled, Created By Luv will retain the non-refundable deposit. If the client decides to cancel the service after final approval is made, Created By Luv reserves the right to keep the full payment amount.

Incomplete projects:

Any project that remains in proofing or is put on hold while we wait for content for more than 20 business days will be put on hold and will be billed for any time spent up to that point. When the client is prepared to restart the project, time will be billed per hour from then until completion.


Policy agreement:


All Created By Luv clients must agree to the following policies and procedures before the start of your beautiful new project! Thank you for your business.

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